About Schools for Children, Inc.

Schools for Children combines challenging academics with individualized social-emotional support to help students thrive. We provide life-changing programs for students with learning differences and disabilities, and we are excited to be producing this event. Our goal is to help all students with disabilities or mental health challenges connect with colleges and post-high-school learning options that can support their aspirations and abilities and will be committed to helping them succeed.

We also produce new services, programs, and events that explore and address critical gaps in education and expand educational opportunities.

We operate several award-winning schools and services—including programs for student with learning disabilities and mental health challenges. Our seven programs today include three Massachusetts therapeutic programs. Our own transition services for students with disabilities have received multiple commendations from the Massachusetts State Department of Education.

We also regularly produce free public events featuring educators, mental health professionals, pediatricians, diversity and inclusion specialists and others doing pathbreaking work aimed at supporting students’ mental and physical well-being.

Our organization has also produced two national conferences for educators on student-centered education. We have featured experts such as slow-brain processing specialist Ellen Braaten, Ph.D.; internationally renowned resilience researcher and practitioner Robert Brooks, Ph.D.; and Dr. Sabrina Popp and Christopher Willard, PsyD, who treat debilitating anxiety.

Our pilot 2020-2021 Transition Conversations series brought together college, career and support services experts from across the United States.

More than one in five students requires support for learning or mental health challenges. With Different Choices we are seeking to increase support for students and families, improve access to information,  and help end the stigma of these disabilities and challenges.

To learn more about Schools for Children, Inc., please visit our website.

Man in a school setting

Paul Stein, Executive Director
Schools for Children, Inc.

“Many wonderful colleges, vocational programs, and employers support the aspirations and potential of students with disabilities.

“We know that education and training can open many doors to careers that still emerging in this new economy. With Different Choices, we aim to help students with disabilities explore the options, chart a path forward, and find success.”