Exhibitor Playbook

Log in. Set Up. Go Live. And Meet Your Next Amazing Students.

Thanks for being part of Different Choices 2022

As a registered exhibitor, your package includes:

  • A Virtual Booth
  • Live 1-on-1 Chat Capability
  • Drop off notes forwarded to your email
  • Directory Listing
  • Event Reports and Analytics
  • Technical Support
  • Promotion on the Different Choices website and social media accounts
  • Exhibitors can also book Live Video Broadcast Info Sessions for an additional fee. 

This playbook will provide info you need to get set up on our virtual event platform and offer recommendation on getting the most out of this event.


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Setting Up Your Booth On Brazen...

Schools for Children-Different Choices is using the Brazen event platform.  The platform allows you to manage your own booth and chat schedule during the fair, download reports after the fair, and get help when you need it.

See what the user experience is like for visitors to the Brazen booth expo

Setting Up Your Booth

Recommended browsers are the latest versions of Chrome or Safari. Microsoft Edge is incompatible. 

Registering and Login

1. When you Register to become an Exhibitor and fill out our Exhibitor Form, Different Choices/Schools for Children will use that information to create your booth framework in Brazen. Once we do, Brazen will automatically email you – and everyone you’ve instructed us to include in your booth – to inform you that your email has been assigned to a booth. 


2. Click the large aqua-colored “Log In and Build your Booth” button in the email from Brazen (sample Brazen email below)

3) The link from the email SHOULD take you to the Set Password page (image of page below) where you should enter your own email address (use the one the Brazen email was sent to) and create a password to establish your personal Brazen Account. This registers you within the overall Brazen site. Each team member needs their own Brazen Account to access the Booth.

*If you do not get to the above page and the link takes you instead to the general login page (not typical behavior but it sometimes happens), you will need to enter your email address and click “forgot password” to create your password instead.  



Arranging Your Booth

After you log in, across the top of your set up page you will see 4 tabs:






You will enter on the SETTINGS page. Here, you add basic information about your organization. 

Your booth type is by default set to text, audio and video chat options.  If you want us to change that (for example if you only want text options), let us know and we’ll change that.

(Live video broadcasts are an extra fee and are set up separately by Different Choices)

Skip “tags”: We’ll take care of this feature for you.

Save and preview your work often. 


Click on the content tab.

A. CONTENT HOME is your homepage. You cannot change the name of this tab.

This is what visitors see after they click on your booth logo in the lobby of the event. We recommend that you include the following on this page:

– A short welcome message

– A schedule for your live “office hours”

B. CONTENT OPPORTUNITIES (on the CONTENT page – not the Opportunities in the top of the page) – rename it whatever you want

C. CUSTOM TAB – rename it whatever you want

Our recommendations for what you can do with the Content Opportunities and Content Custom Tab:

  • About Us – describe your program and include links to your videos, images, pdfs, or other content 

  • Chat Times – list the times you’ll be available to chat)  

  • Accomodations – add a description of disability support services relevant to our audience.  

  • Testimonials – enter quotations and testimonials. You also can add videos here.

ALSO – Each of these three CONTENT tabs also has space for some short overlay text in the header image. That text can’t be longer than 35 characters. You can enter text or you can also just leave this blank and do not need to add any text there.

Save and preview your work often. 


Please enter the name and email address for the person who will be representing your organization during the fair. This may be a different person from you, the booth owner.  Or it can be the same people. You must enter a representative so attendees will know who they are engaging with.

Under Drop off notes, please enter an email address where attendees can contact you should they be unable to attend or chat within the event. It can be your email or an info@ – up to you. The actual email address will not be visible to event participants, but messages will be forwarded from the Brazen platform.

Save and preview your work often.

4) OPPORTUNITIES (ignore this tab)

PLEASE IGNORE THE OPPORTUNITIES TAB IN THE TOP NAV. This feature is not enabled for us —it is built into the Brazen Platform and not relevant to us.

And now….your virtual booth is set up!

Feel free to make as many changes as you like to your booth until the event! To get back into the site, you can always go to the Control Center: http://app.brazenconnect.com/cc/home 

We can help you make changes if you are having trouble.  Just please give us a 24-hour turnaround time. 



Organizing and Managing Chats

Planning for  Live Chat
Think of a live chat like “office hours.” During your live chat, your representatives can connect 1-on-1 with attendees to meet them, answer their questions and suggest next steps. 

Put your live chat office hours in the description on your homepage to make it easy for people to know when you are available.

You can offer live chats at any time during the fair.  

Please specify your time zone so people are not confused.  ET, PT, eg.

We have set you up for various chat options within your booth.  You can speak to interested students via text, audio, and/or video chats.  You can also of course have them contact you via email. 

We recommend that you put info on your homepage, letting people know you offer those options, along with the times you will be available.

Once the chat begins, your rep will be able to prompt the attendee to allow audio or video. They will have the option to accept or decline. If there is a connectivity issue, chat will revert to text.

Here are some Brazen videos that can help with understanding live chat management:



Planning Your Live Video Broadcast Info Sessions

Live Video Broadcast Info Sessions are special events that are included on the Fair schedule. There is an extra fee for this service so that we can provide you with support. If you did not book a live broadcast option when booked a booth, and you would now like to, please let us know ASAP. Availability is limited.

These live broadcasts are a great way to engage participants and to share a short presentation. You and your team will be live on screen where attendees can watch, listen and ask questions.

We encourage you to host a chat immediately after the broadcast in your booth. When you book a live video broadcast info session, you will have the opportunity to schedule two slots. We STRONGLY recommend you book both slots so attendees will have options. You can give the same presentation or a different one.

Here’s a Brazen video about their Live Broadcast function:


Some exhibitors have chosen to offer live video broadcast info sessions as part of their participation in this event. There is an extra fee for this service so that we can provide you with support. If you did not book a live broadcast option when booked a booth, and you would now like to, please let us know ASAP. Availability is limited. 

We then will be in touch to schedule two 15-minute info sessions with us. We will also ask you to to select UP TO 3 presenters for each session who will be visible to attendees and provide information about them. Screen sharing is also available so presenters can show images from their desktop.

For each presenter you will need to provide the following:

  • Email
  • First Name, Last Name or Last Name Initial
  • Title to be displayed to event attendees
  • Profile Picture to be displayed to event attendees
  • Short Bio to be displayed to event attendees. We recommend no more than about 15 words.

Please note: Because the schedule is limited. we may schedule multiple live info sessions in the same time slot. We try to avoid this as much as possible, but occasionally there will be overlaps. Please discuss any concerns with the Live Broadcast director. We strongly advise you to book early for the best options!

When scheduling your sessions, please be sure all participants can be be available at least 15 minutes in advance so that we can adjust any settings and ensure all is working correctly.

We will assign a host to your presentation. Your host will be in touch in advance to walk you through the process. Hosts provide tech support during your broadcast, help you get set up correctly, rehearse with you, start and stop the broadcast and record and download the video, if desired. The host can also help you create a “We’ll begin shortly” slide. If you like, your host can also triage questions during your presentation. All you really need to do is show up with your slides and good energy. Pretty cool, right?

Live broadcasts downloads are created in the MP4 format. We’ll send you recordings following the event.

During your broadcast, we DO NOT recommend playing a recorded video through screen share as video quality is poor when coming from a third-party source. Instead, include a link to your video in your booth and suggest folks watch that in advance or after the live broadcast.

Slides are extremely effective in live broadcast sessions. Consider showing images of your campus or training programs. Graphic presentations are also very effective. You could show a “day in the life” —especially for work programs. People images are also popular! Snappy personal phone images especially are always deeply engaging but need to be balanced with content about the quality of your program. 

Info sessions should be tailored to the audience and include time for some questions. We recommend you offer chat time immediately after the live info session.

Your session will be included in the broadcast schedule for the day and on the program page on our website. We also have some promotions for these events planned and will send messages and reminders to attendees.


Promoting Your Participation

In addition to your presence during the Fair on the Brazen Platform and promotion through social media, Different Choices maintains a directory of exhibitors on the differentchoices.org  website.

This directory includes:

  • Your logo (linked)
  • Organization name, city and state
  • A 30-word description of your organization
  • Contact email for an admission office or representative

We keep this directory active and organized through June 2023. We also include your logo and link in other appropriate sections of the website 

Help us promote this event! To do that, we need your material.

Please complete the Exhibitor Branding Content form ASAP. Click here to go to the form.

We’ve planned a strong promotional effort for this event. But we are also also looking to our exhibitors to get involved and promote their own participation through their channels.

Your Role
We expect that you will also play a role in promoting Different Choices and your participation to interested inquiries, and through peer networks, social media, and email marketing.

Let HS counselors and consultants you work with know you are participating. Because this event is free—anyone can join in.


  1. We request that you make 4 posts on Instagram+Facebook in September before Sept 24, that include mention of this event. Please include our link— differentchoices.org    We’ll send occasional reminders.
  2. We also request that you contribute a quotation of about 25 words with attribution that we can use in our social media why you have chosen to participate in the Fair. Let students and families know you believe expanding opportunities for students with disabilities and the potential every person has to achieve success. You can add this quotation to the form above.

Support and Reports

Booth Owners can log in to Brazen Control Center and click “Edit” next to their booth to view the reports page and access the Downloads tab. Booth Owners can access this Downloads tab at any time before and after the event.   

The Downloads tab features four reports:

  • Booth Engagement Reports (CSV): This report includes booth participant behaviors and movements within a booth, providing Booth Owners visibility and context that could help drive event & booth content strategies to maximize Attendee engagement.
  • Booth Owner Event Participants (CSV): A list of all registrants for the event (email address, first and last name) as well as their answers to registration questions. 
  • Participant Registration Documents (.zip): A zip archive of all embedded documents uploaded by event registrants. 
  • Representative Ratings Reports (CSV): A complete list of chats that representatives had in the booth, and the rating assigned to those chats by the representative.

There are many ways to get support….

Brazen Platform

To visit the BrazenU online support library and its many guidance videos for how to use Brazen, click here.  

You can also use the Brazen chat for platform support—just click on the chat box in the lower left of any page when you are logged in to the Brazen platform. This is the fastest way to get support.

Different Choices Support

If you have a question about the Fair or content, you can also send us a message directly to your Different Choices team at exhibitorsupport@differentchoices.org, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.