Hampshire College

Amherst, MA

Aerial view of the Hampshire College campus, surrounded by fall foliage

What were you made for? Urgent. Unbound. Entrepreneurial. Define the question that drives you forward.

Our empowering approach to education is rooted in continual experimentation,
discovery and investigation. With an unconventional and supportive model of
learning, we move beyond just the exchange of knowledge. Instead, we synthesize,
integrate and build lasting change.

Education, Reimagined.

Free of the traditional structure of departments, grades, and majors, you’ll work
across, between and without disciplines. Combine fields to curate your own course
of study and tackle real-world issues.

The mission of Hampshire College is to foster a lifelong passion for learning,
inquiry and ethical citizenship that inspires students to contribute to knowledge,
justice and positive change in the world and, by doing so, to transform higher education.


A Venn diagram that combines urgent questions, learning collaboratives, diverse faculty expertise, and student-designed curriculum to meet in the center circle: "You"

We are a community known for practicing:

  • Active Inquiry posed rigorously by independent thinkers, creators and doers.
  • Creativity as invention that spans and links arts, humanities and sciences.
  • Social Justice as a goal of discourse, a responsibility of citizenship and an
    accountable way to bring our ideals to life in the world.
  • Entrepreneurship as the skill and determination to turn ideas into action.
  • Sustainability as an approach to living that honors our obligation to the future.


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Hampshire College
893 West St.
Amherst, MA  01002


Website: hampshire.edu