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Purchase, NY

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Think Wide Open: You’ve heard us say it, here’s how we live it.

Purchase College is a distinctive member of the SUNY family. We’re the dreamers, the DIYers, the future of arts and culture, of the humanities and the sciences.

We’re passionate about everything — from rigorous coursework to current events to the music lineup at Culture Shock.

We live on a collaborative and sustainable campus, and we work to create the kind of society we want to see in the world. We respect others, ourselves and our surroundings as we grow into the people who will make real change someday.

We’re inclusive, LGBTQ-welcoming and always actively seeking new ways to foster diversity in our academic programs and on our campus.

So “Think Wide Open” has come to mean a lot to us. You’re not constrained by a major, a residence hall or a background.

You’re entering one of the most challenging and exciting times of your life — embrace it!

If you stand out, this is where you’ll fit in.

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Purchase College
735 Anderson Hill Road
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