Roxbury Community College

Boston, MA

Roxbury Community College is a co-educational public institution of higher education offering associate degrees and certificate programs.

RCC’s primary objective is to provide residents of the commonwealth, specifically those individuals living in the greater Boston area, “optimum opportunity for access to a college education consistent with their interests and aptitudes and to reduce to a minimum economic, social, psychological and academic barriers to educational opportunity.” The college’s goals are the result of ideas generated by and from the college community and reflect a response to the needs of the larger Roxbury community.

A community-based board of trustees appointed by the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts works with the college’s president to ensure that Roxbury Community College is an effective educational institution providing a strong vehicle for the community to grow and prosper.


Roxbury Community College
1234 Columbus Ave.
Boston, MA 02120


Website: www.rcc.mass.edu

Email: admissions@rcc.mass.edu