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Tuesday Oct. 26

Your Credit Score & Why It Matters


Learn from a TD Bank Financial Education Specialist all about how to protect, monitor and improve your credit score, with helpful tips and detailed info on understanding your credit report, loan repayment options and more.

Presented by TD Bank.

What You Need To Know About Asking for Accommodations in College


Did you know that only 20% of students with learning disabilities access accommodations in college?

This workshop will provide an overview of the process of obtaining accommodations and best practices to consider as you navigate the journey to college.

Presented by Beacon College‘s Katelyn Reinke, M.S., Associate Director of College Transition Programs  and Sheila Faulkner-Loser, M.S., Transition Counselor – Pacific West Region.

Beacon College is America’s leading baccalaureate college for students who learn differently, boasting a remarkable 70% four-year graduation rate. Beacon’s Transition Center offers a range of innovative and proactive family-centered transition-to-college programming based on student skill-based needs, open to all college-bound high school students and their parents.


Wednesday Oct. 27

What Does a Hiring Manager Look For?​


No experience? No problem! Kevin McCarthy from Bridges from School to Work will help participants understand what what hiring managers look for when they have entry-level positions to fill. Learn how to sell your skills and talents with little or no previous job experience. 

Presented in partnership with Bridges from School to Work

Thursday Oct. 28

Disclosing Your Disability at School or Work


Lauriann Elise Kormylo will discuss whether, when and how to disclose your disability at school, an internship or in the workplace.

Lauriann will also provide information about Lime Connect’s various programs, scholarships and other opportunities. Lime recognizes that 90% of disabilities on campus and 70% of disabilities among the general population are not visible, and Lime Connect welcomes people with all types of disabilities to attend this workshop and join its network.

Presented by Lime Connect

Finding Your Way—Focus on Your Abilities


This workshop will introduce you to valuable tools that will help you find the things that you are best at and that interest you most to focus on where you go next. And it will help you find the resources to get you there.

Presenters: Alexandra Ullrich, a skilled social worker from Easter Seals, and Eileen Brody Burke from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Both have extensive experience helping young people explore their talents, interests and abilities to shape a career.

Friday Oct. 29

Preparing Your Finances for College

FRIDAY OCT 29 5:00-6:00 PM ET FREE

College planning is NOT just saving FOR college. College planning includes saving ON the cost of college. When it comes to college planning there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

This workshop will help you discover the ins and outs of a very complex topic and how to apply the aspects of college planning and funding to your circumstances. Find out how to avoid paying one dollar more for college than absolutely necessary.

Presenters: Tom Alessi, president, and Craig Richardson, vice president, of The Moody Street Group.

Tom and Craig also lead The Moody Street Special Needs Resource Network. They both have had experience in dealing with a family member who has a disability. Their mission is to try and be a support for families of children who are differently-abled or have a disability. The goal of The Special Needs Resource Network is to connect with as many organizations, advocates, and other professionals to be able to offer guidance and advice to those families.

Sat Oct. 30

Writing Your College Essay

SAT OCT 30 1:00-2:00 PM ET FREE

Join us for a discussion about colleges essays—from deciding if and how to talk about a disability in your essay to exploring the process of writing.

We’ll discuss why writing this essay can be tough or stress-inducing, look at some examples, and talk about how colleges think about essays.

Our goal is that you come away with some useful ideas and pointers to inspire your own essay. Bring your questions! Presented by Lisa Graf, Senior Director, Chandler College Consulting (NJ)

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Workshop Leaders

A credit score on a phone

Understanding Your Credit Score—for Students!

TD BANK  Education & Financial Literacy Division

TD BANK’s Education & Financial Literacy Division believes basic financial literacy is a foundation for personal and national prosperity, and that TDBank has a responsibility and the unique ability through their financial skills and expertise to make a strong contribution. 

They provide financial literacy curriculum online and to schools and hold numerous financial literacy workshops for various ages in communities all around the US, UK, and Canada. Presented by TD BANK.



What You Need To Know About Asking for Accommodations in College

Sheila Faulkner-Loser, Beacon College Transition Counselor for the Pacific West

Sheila has been working with young people encouraging them to pursue their education for more than seventeen years, including at-risk and foster youth, special programs, dual enrollment and adult education.

Her work with students has been featured in various trade publications, newspaper articles, and television shows. Sheila now brings her passion and dedication for students to Beacon College where she continues to “serve as many students as she can, one student at a time.”

What You Need To Know About Asking for Accommodations in College

Katelyn Reinke,  Associate Director of College Transition Programs at Beacon College

Katelyn serves as coordinator for Beacon’s first-of-its-kind virtual nine-month transition-to-college program for high school seniors. During her master’s degree program, she engaged in research focused on creating an effective learning environment at colleges across the nation for students with learning differences.

Since joining Beacon in 2019, Katy has worked with more than 200 students & families on their personal transition to college.

Kevin McCarthy from Bridges to Work

What Does a Hiring Manager Look For?​

Kevin McCarthy
Team Lead, Bridges from School to Work — Boston

Kevin McCarthy has been with Bridges from School to Work for 7 years.

After serving young adults in Baltimore for 4 years, Kevin took on the challenge of building Bridges’ New York City office. The NYC programs now serve almost 50 schools and hundreds of young adults across each of the city’s Boroughs.

In February 2021, Kevin moved into his newest role as the Team Lead for the organization’s Boston office, where they help young adults throughout the city find meaningful, life-changing job opportunities.


Disclosing Your Disability at School or Work

Lauriann Elise Kormylo
Outreach Coordinator at Lime Connect

Lauriann is passionate about mental health, disability and LGBTQIA+ rights, and has been educating and advocating for over 5 years. Lauriann is also certified through NCBH’s Mental Health First Aid program. She previously worked in student affairs at both Fordham and New York Universities, and earned both a B.S. in psychology from Fordham and an M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from NYU.


Finding Your Way: Focus on Your Abilities

Alexandra Ullrich, BSW, College Navigator Program Manager
Easter Seals

Alexandra Ullrich received her bachelor of social work with a minor in understanding autism from Wheelock College and began her career at Easter Seals Massachusetts as an intern in the youth department. She then became a job developer before helping to start Easter Seals’ College Navigator Program as the program manager of the Employment and Transition Services (ETS) Department. The ETS department includes transition assessments, vocational evaluations, soft skills training, job development & placement, Pre-ETS, and the College Navigator program.


Finding Your Way: Focus on Your Abilities

Eileen Brody Burke, MS/MFA counselor-coach Mass Rehab (MRC)

Eileen Brody Burke has worked as a coach and counselor, as a facilitator in the healing arts, and has provided consultation on Young Adulthood Transition Teams. Eileen has worked in psychiatric hospitals; day treatment centers; shelters; and with the Hyannis, West Concord and Boston MRC’s, serving as liaison with schools. Her passion is to help others find meaning in their lives and meaningful connections and purpose with the world around them.

Tom Alessi, Financial Advisor

Preparing Your Finances for College

Tom Alessi, President
The Moody Street Group

Tom Alessi has 22+ years in financial services  working with individuals,  businesses and nonprofit organizations to try and help people have a better relationship with their money and their finances.



Preparing Your Finances for College

Craig Richardson, ​Vice President
The Moody Street Group

Craig Richardson has 17+ years as a financial services representative working with families to help them first define their financial goals and then put a plan in place to help them achieve their dreams.

Writing Your College Essay

Lisa Graf, Senior Advisor, Chandler Admissions Advisors

Lisa is a senior college coach with over seven years of experience and the Chandler Admissions Advisors’ first employee. Before joining the Chandler dream team, Lisa was a senior marketing and advertising executive with over 16 years of in-depth branding, positioning, and consulting experience. 

Lisa has a passion for storytelling. Her goal is to help every student create human connections and share their unique experiences through their essays and college applications.